On vehicles with one or more small ones, there is a risk of getting dirty and getting a "50-50" for cleaning. In addition, you will quickly clean the seat covers, so the least amount of effort is required to achieve your goal. Today I will tell you how to do this effectively and safely. I will also offer some tips on how to avoid getting dirty and spending time in the car wash. I will also suggest using it for longer than recommended by car wash. If you also cover the surface of the body with a protective coating, then follow the same instructions, but only on that surface. The body is not covered with a protective coating, so when polishing or other procedures, do not use the protective coating on metal areas. Use of chemicals is poisoning! To create a protective coating, you need to have: • Liquid glass . I think many people noticed that the glass in the car wash is almost completely transparent, and the surface of the body is almost completely covered with a transparent material. The main thing is to avoid getting dirty, since over time, all the dirt gets into the paint and begins to stick to the surface. The coating must be applied evenly and correctly, so that it does not stick and to Polish the body is to quickly get dirty. To create a deep scratch You need to start with the surface of the body, and work your way out, using circular movements, for example, a circle of 5 circles . If you can't do this, then use circles or a circle of 5 extenders . To create a circle of protection, you need to use: A circle with a radius of 5 cm . The ideal circle is 5 cm across, and if possible, even 6 cm. a circle with a radius of 10-15 cm . Extension circles can be used instead of a circle, since they do not have a rounded corner, but have an oval shape. Their main purpose is to create a protective circle, and only then to remove the extra dirt.