Today I want to tell you, my readers, about the mistakes made when choosing a car "with hands". I will discuss in detail the main and give useful practical recommendations on how to avoid these mistakes. Incorrect identification of needs Of course, you want to buy a cool SUV or SUV, but it is not always the car owner will use all the resources of his car. The machine has long since surpassed the capabilities of the road user. So, you need to take a car that is used to extreme care and attention. This can be done not only in the technical condition, but also in the paint condition, in addition, the body condition is important. The whole point is that the car is designed for a certain mileage, and if it is driven on regular surfaces, it will not have this problem. You need to take it on high-quality, and periodically clean it once a month or twice a year . Owners of large SUVs and large pickup trucks are most likely to have a breakdown, since on these vehicles the engine is able to supply the necessary oil. Failure to check the car Incorrect engine operation of the car is not always a bad thing. The most common mistake when the job is not done's is a failure to check the car. After all, the machine has already done its job, it did not start working for 15-20 minutes, and then all the sudden, it started working for 15-20 minutes only. This is not always the case, the reason for not starting the engine was not so much the car, some people use a cigarette lighter, or the handle of a service STATION, and for this reason the car will start working for 15-20 minutes, and then all the sudden, it will stall. To avoid this, I recommend using the following tips: When replacing the engine When disassembling the engine Before you start rebuilding the engine, or, even more accurately, rebuilding it from the ground up, it is necessary to fully check everything, including the injectors, which can be knocked off . If there are any problems, you can always go to the store to buy a new one.