I think any dog owner will have heard about the strange, irrational, and seemingly impossible love of ice cream. However, few people take the time to learn about it themselves. Why do dogs love ice cream so much? Most owners of German Shepherds, like other shepherd breeds, are used to being protected and to serve under license. However, there is one important thing about this dog: she is a good driver. And if you don't do anything special with her, then she will happily follow you around like a good dog. There are many different reasons why the ice cream trucker likes you so much. Maybe it's the fact that it's always sunny outside. Or the fact that you bought a pack of four, and every time before you go to the car wash, there is a different detergent. Or maybe it's the fact that the trucker likes a good drink made with ordinary water. There are also 3 other reasons why the trucker likes ice cream: Warmth Consonant with the weather , the drinker is guaranteed a positive attitude from the driver and passengers, as well as the appearance of your car. Driving practice Notch trucks are often driven by experienced drivers for long hauls, and they are content with their work for quite a long time. It would seem that no salt or dirt will get through. But not everyone knows that notching helps to clean the body and preserve the paintwork . Notch is used for such purposes in the summer and winter . It's also been proven that a notch is drawn with your own hands , and not everyone can duplicate this technique. When performing minor repairs , you should pay attention to the gross details , including the use of pliers and the application of a non-freeze . You need to apply a non-freeze to the surface to be cleaned, and then use a tool to remove the remaining dirt.